My hobbies

I have been interested in a lot of things and hobbies during my life. Some of them have remained as my active hobbies and some I have lost interest in. When I now analyze my hobbies, I notice that they have something in common. They all have been new when I interested in them. They also have a social aspect which means that they create contacts between human beings. Reading is the only one of them, which can be done without a direct contact with another human, but also it creates deep emotional relations between the reader and the author. 

Reading and all kinds of card- and table-games were my first hobbies. I still enjoy playing cards, stud-poker is my favourite. When I was a teen-ager, girls were naturally number one hobby. At that time I also started ski-jump and downhill skiing, played pool, watched car-racing and daydreamed becoming a race-driver and started also bowling. Downhill skiing became active again when my daughters started to ski, but I found that I had lost the flexibility and courage which I had as a young man. I still drive cars and enjoy it, but I don't drive any more without a purpose. I'm still excited about fancy and rare cars.

Hobbies, which I started as a grown man are gourmet foods and culinary art, travelling, wines, playing darts and golf, surfing internet and information technology.

I try to describe each of my hobbies briefly on their own page. I have put there also some links in order to help those, who want to know more about them. 

I hope that You enjoy going through my hobbies! I have listed them in chronological order. All of them are not among my active hobbies any more.

Updated Jul 24. 2009