This is my family

I am married with Pirjo. We have three daughters.

We were married in Munkkiniemi Church in 1975. We spent our first marital years in Helsinki. During 1975 - 1978 we lived in Munkkiniemi where I had bought my first own apartment after being elected to the parliament in 1972. During that period our first two daughters, Kukka and Noora were born.

During the summer 1978 we moved into a larger apartment in Munkkiniemi. From there we moved in 1979 westwards to Turku, the former Capital of Finland, which is 200 kilometres away from Helsinki. Turku was my new constituency and I had been elected to the parliament from there in the 1979 election. None of us had previous experience about Turku, but we liked the city from the very first day. 

When living in Varissuo (a suburb of Turku) our youngest daughter Minna  was born. She is living nowadays in Turku.

From Varissuo we continued towards west to Suikkila (another suburb of Turku). We lived there almost ten years. From Turku we moved to Espoo, where we lived almost three years.

Today we live in the heart of Helsinki. Most of our winters we spend in Costa del Sol, Spain. We live on the border of Marbella and Estepona and play golf at the Atalaya Golf and Country Club.

Our oldest daughter Kukka is married. Her husband is Kari Yli-Äijö and they live in Espoo. Kukka and Kari are happy parents, their son Otso was born in March 2011. Otso is our second grandchild. Kukka is a leading consultant in Accenture Oy.

Our second daughter Noora lives in Turku. She works at Airiston Lomakeskus Oy. She has a daughter, Daniela who was born in January 2002. Daniela is our first grandchild.

Our youngest daughter Minna and her husband Juho Vennamo live also in Turku. Minna is a lawyer and a specialist in international taxation. She works in Deloitte & Touche Oy

Pirjo Vennamo

Pirjon kuva
Personal information
Name: Vennamo, Pirjo Leena (os. Nukarinen)
Occupation: teacher of arts
Date of birth: Jul 17,1949
Place of birth: Vanaja (nowadays part of Hämeenlinna town)
Contact information
Street address: Fredrikinkatu 60 A 11
ZIP, city and country: 00100 Helsinki, FINLAND
Telephone: + 358 - 9 - 587 4545
Mobile: + 358 - 400 - 936 900

Kukka Vennamo

Kukan kuva
Personal information
Name: Vennamo, Kukka Sirkka Susanna
Occupation: Master of Science in Technology
Date of birth: Nov 22, 1975
Place of birth: Helsinki

Noora Vennamo

Nooran kuva
Personal information
Name: Vennamo, Noora Säde Sinikka
Occupation: chief of service
Date of birth: Dec 13, 1977
Place of birth: Helsinki

Minna Vennamo

Minnan kuva
Personal information
Name: Vennamo, Minna Ilona Maria
Occupation: LL.M., Tax advisor, cross-border tax
Date of birth: Jul 8, 1983
Place of birth: Turku

Daniela Vennamo


Personal information

Name: Vennamo, Daniela Aleksandra
Occupation: Schoolgirl
Date of birth: Jan 21, 2002

Otso Vennamo


Personal information

: Vennamo, Otso Emil
Occupation: child
Date of birth: March 26. 2011

Updated: Jun 5, 2012